HODling coins ? You may be missing opportunities by not balancing your coins correctly. Advisor gives you inputs by following more than 40 coin markets, blockchains, trade volume and many other parameters and giving you actionable alerts to help keep your coin portfolio current.
Alerted On Gain Target
Now flip 10% of your BTC to DASH! 22/5/2019, 1:16:13 pm 0.1 % flip back at 4.2% Flip
Balance your Yin and Yang. Flip 10% of your BTC to NEO! 22/5/2019, 1:16:13 pm -0.3 % flip back at 3.5% Flip
Buckle up. Flip 10% of your BTC to ETH! 22/5/2019, 1:32:53 pm -0.4 % flip back at 2.5% Flip
Go Contra to the Crowd. Great time to flip 10% of your BTC to ZEC! 22/5/2019, 1:32:53 pm 0.21 % flip back at 4.5% Flip

Terms and Conditions.
  • InstaShift Advisor isn't offering financial advise. It looks at broad market trends and suggests options which you as a user are free to ignore or follow. Only maintain in crypto what you can afford to lose.
  • InstaShift Advisor doesn't suggest any 'shorting' so a market fall will almost always negatively impact your Crypto holdings.
  • The goal of InstaShift Advisor is to increase the amount of coins that you have over a period of time. We are not offering or guaranteeing any kind of a ROI.
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