About InstaShift

As crypto traders who played arbitrage most of the time, everything went incredibly smooth for us; except one thing — the exchange. They were either slow in processing my account verification or delaying my fiat currency deposits and withdrawals, all of which were critical to executing a perfect arbitrage. When banks strangled them of API access; there were times we had to pay up to 2.5% payment gateway charges on fiat deposits and sometimes on withdrawals too. People we spoke too also spoke about Crypto being complicated as they had to deal with signing up, verifications, fiat deposits, limit order execution etc.

Rahul Chitale and Kalidasan K founded InstaShift.io trying to reimagine a world where Crypto traders are able to buy/sell over the counter - much like a Macdonald’s experience as against an high end restaurant experience provided by exchanges today. Fast, Easy and Assured Privacy.

About Team

Building Internet scale systems isn’t easy. Building Internet scale systems which are easy to use is a super difficult job. We have always been paranoid about user experience and how we can do things even more simple than before. After trading on equity, derivatives and Crypto, we figured that we can do something to make things really, really, really simple ! So we along with a group of other very passionate engineers started building InstaShift. The front end hides some incredibly complex engineering built by a team who knows their thing. We have bought to InstaShift.io learnings from our many failures and learnings. And we are just getting started ! In the coming months, we are aiming to keep the power with you - our users - and enable use cases which weren’t thought to be possible.

Rahul Chitale
Kalidasan K
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